Ultrasonic Measurer (08/01/20)

Just as a nice side project to pass time during quarantine, I looked up and found how to make an ultrasonic measurer device.

Source here: Instructables "Pocket Sonic Ruler"

I made use of what was listed in the project, and the classic arduino code can be found here, as well as my modified code

The creator said "you can add your own modifications" on the site but attached no license, and there was no mention of this being someone else, so please don't sue me!

The original author neglected to share the library for the TM1637 Display, you can get it here

I changed mine to measure in inches (to challenge myself, it measures in centimeters by default fyi) and only "re-measure" every 3 seconds, instead of .5s

Laser 'circuit' set up, going to implement soon

Project Pictures!



Parts list just incase the link goes down: