This was a project I started recently, planning on making a custom amplifier using the LM386 chip.

Video detailing finished product for now at the bottom

Here's the current amplifier circuit diagram, for anyone interested Here's the source

I plan on modifying this design later on, so I can include the knobs on the front and make em work and all that, possibly another time though.

Or I may kill it. Who knows!

And here's the speakers inside.

It had been modified to work with a RPi previously, using Volumio as a base for streaming music to it, over Airplay

It was slow and required me to use garbage programs to get it working on Windows, and not a chance on Linux.

I may end up going full Aux only, and bluetooth secondary, but we'll see how that turns out

More coming soon once I have the parts to finish the amp, then its on to making the speaker

Finished Amplifier. Project is on hold, I'm satisified for now.

1W amp btw

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